Phoenix Specialty, Inc. (PSI) was founded in 1996 in Wooster, Ohio to service the Appalachian Basin oil and natural gas market. Over the years, we’ve added products, hired employees, expanded our market and relocated our corporate headquarters to Houston, Pennsylvania. However, throughout it all, our commitment to providing outstanding products, our unmatched customer service, our uncompromising dedication to safety and the expert training that we provide to our customers remain the same!

Outstanding Products

Phoenix Specialty is a manufacturer’s representative for products used in drilling, production, processing, and pipeline applications throughout the oil and natural gas industries. PSI operates in the Appalachian Basin, Marcellus Shale, and Utica Shale, working exclusively through our qualified distributors to offer complete supply chain solutions to our customers.

Unmatched Service

Phoenix Specialty’s dedicated and knowledgeable sales force focuses on solving problems and providing technical expertise for our entire range of products. Our staff works closely with our manufacturers to provide services including product training and technical assistance.

Dedication to Safety

At Phoenix, we’re proud that our commitment to safety upholds this value. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners are our highest priority. We’re dedicated to ZERO injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents. To accomplish this, we will adhere to and promote the highest health and safety standards through a robust safety education program and individual accountability.

Expert Training

Through Phoenix’s “Customer First Training”, we empower our customers by providing thorough product overviews and hands-on workshops designed to build skilled confidence. We’re dedicated to training our customers for success, providing programs that are specifically created to enable learners to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair.

Phoenix RISES

Core values are what support our Company vision, shape the culture and reflect what the Company values. They are the essence of the Company’s identity – the principles, beliefs, or philosophy of values.


We respect and support our teammates and those we serve. People First. Always.


We are committed to honesty and fairness at all times.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to a strong Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE) Program that protects our staff, our property, our clients, and the public.


We bring our passion, competitive drive, and winning enthusiasm to every day and every challenge.

Service Spirit

Through innovative solutions and continuous improvements, we strive to provide the highest quality service to our manufacturing partners, our customers and each other.