Long Pan Thief Hatch

The L12-TL Long Pan Thief Hatch incorporates a large working surface into the base, and a larger cover. There is also a gauging hook integrated into the base of the long pan for sampling the tank. The base is inclined to match the slope of the API12 tank's roof to provide a level working surface. The L12TL Long Pan Thief Hatch offers greatest flow capacity, then any known competitor products.

Thief Hatch

The Model L12-TH Thief Hatch was designed to out perform the competition, with industry leading high flow rates and precision tolerances to provide a superior sealing performance. The leakage is less than 1 SCFH of air @ 90% of the set pressure, keeping your tanks in compliance with industry standards.

Lock Down Conversion Kit

The Lock Down Conversion Kit is developed to replace or convert a thief hatch to a Lock Down Hatch to meet environmental regulations. The Lock Down Hatch provides secure access to storage tanks without pressure or vacuum relief capability. When closed, it ensures a vapor tight seal that prevents leakage and evaporation loss. The locking mechanism allows for the use of a padlock or security seal.

Lock Down Hatch

The Model L61T Lock Down Hatch provides access for gauging or obtaining product samples from storage tanks. The lock down hatch has a gauging hook integrated to the base for sampling the tank. The Model L61T Lock Down Hatch incorporates cushioned-air seating which assures a superior seal to ensure minimal fugitive emissions.