Hammer Unions

2" and 3" Figure 1502 unions are available in Threaded, Butt Weld Schedule XXH, and Butt Weld Schedule 160. Unions are available in Standard and NACE options.

Plug Valves & Repair Kits

2 x 1, 2 x 2, and 3 x 3 Figure 1502 Plug Valves and Repair Kits. Plug Valves and Repair Kits are interchangeable with most major manufacturers. Available in Standard or NACE.

Crossovers & Plugs

Crossovers, Swages, and Bull Plugs. Autoclave taps, and custom sizes/configurations are available up to 5" Figure 1502. Available in Standard or NACE.

Integral Fittings

Tees, Ells, and Crosses available in standard configurations. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request, including Reducing Tees. Available in Standard or NACE.