• Armored Gauge Frame - The process piping is supported by the gauge frame. This frame protects the glass tube from mechanical stress and impact. The frame is available in powder epoxy-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, or PVC.
  • Sight Tube Holder - The tube holders isolate the process fluid from the gauge frame. They are normally provided in PTFE. Other materials are available, such as type 316 SS or Alloy 20.
  • Sight Tube - Standard material is borosilicate glass, however, any clear tubing may be used.
  • Sight Tube Shield - Outer protective tube is normally supplied in clear polycarbonate tubing which has a high impact strength (lzod impact range: 12-16 feet, lb./in.). Other materials may be supplied.
  • Lower Installation Costs - A one piece gauge is easily installed. Does not require multiple tank connections or expensive pipe required with reflex type gauges.
  • Easy to Read Liquid Level - A one piece gauge has no blind spots and the slotted frame provides see-through viewing of the liquid.