Maximum safety – No glass is used in the construction

Optimum visibility – Fluorescent flags are visible from great distances

Float with 360 degree magnetic flux – Maintains a strong magnetic field in all directions; turbulent liquids will not cause flag assembly to give an inaccurate level indication

Double flag protection – Flags are hermetically sealed inside a Teflon® encapsulated assembly which is shrouded by a 300 series stainless steel enclosure on three sides with a UV-stabilized high-impact clear polycarbonate shield

Adjustable viewing angles – Flag assembly can be rotated to any angle to provide maximum visibility

Multiple mounting options – Engineered construction allows for a variety of mounting configurations

Compatibility – A broad range of materials can be used to withstand harsh chemicals

Remote level indication –Explosion-proof magnetostrictive level sensor/transmitter provides a 4-20mA signal output

Height scale –304 stainless steel with no. 3 finish and large etched characters/ lines for easy reading

High/Low level switches – Explosion-proof switches can signal an alarm, operate a pump/valve or act as an emergency shut down

Convenience – Easy installation and very low maintenance

Warranty – Three year guarantee against defects

Reliability – KENCO has been building magnetic liquid level indicators since 1985