• Safety - Sight tube is totally enclosed on three sides by a metal frame and on the front with a clear, Polycarbonate shield.
  • One Piece Assembly - One continuous gauge provides total visibility of the liquid level of a tank (Maximum length is 25 feet). No stacking of gauges is needed because of this design.
  • Economical - One Liquid Level Gauge per tank with two valves gives the full view of the liquid level in the tank. (KENCO KTV Valves must be ordered separately)
  • Easy to Install - Remove the broken gauge glass from the stuffing box of the valve. Insert the 5/8″ or 3/4″ metal nozzles into the existing valves. The stuffing box seals around the metal nozzle, not the glass.
  • Volume and Height Shields - The Polycarbonate shield can be supplied with various scales indicating height in inches, calibration rate, or tank volume.