Ease of Maintenance - The union nut allows the valve to be removed for service without re- moving the Valve Body from the pressure vessel.

Pressure Warning Port - If an attempt is made to remove the valve assembly from the body while the valve is under pressure, process
fluid and/or gas will leak from the weep hole to provide a warning.

High Performance Polyurethane Trim Seal - The high performance polyurethane material used on the Trim Seal is highly durable and long lasting.

Simple Installation - Valve is easily installed with simple hand tools in a short amount of time.

Variety of Trim Sizes - Several trim sizes available to accommodate different flow and pressure requirements.

Powder Coated Finish - The aluminum dia- phragm housing is powder coated to provide a durable and resilient finish.

“Keyed” Housing to Valve Joint - Valve is keyed to diaphragm housing to ensure internal retaining hardware does not twist or vibrate loose.