• Senses pressure upstream or downstream of a control valve and provides a proportional response to open or close the valve.


  • Single Adjusting Screw: Changing the set point of the unit’s performance is possible by rotating the adjusting screw.
  • Accurate and Proportional Control: Each turn on the adjustment screw results in a known change of the signal pressure set point. Each change in the signal pressure results in a proportional change in the output pressure.
  • Remote Installation: Pipe the unit as close to or as far away as needed from the control valve it is driving.
  • Up to and including 285 PSIG Operating Pressure
  • NACE Construction


Design Pressure: Up to 285 PSIG
Media: Gas and Air
End Connections: 1/4" NPT
Temperature: -20 to 180°F - Nitrile
  0 to 300°F - Fluorocarbon